Steve (skippythec) wrote,

did you guys give up on me yet?

holy frijoles! i've been off of work for four hours now and they haven't called me back in yet! no, I'm not kidding... i have worked long hours every single *uckin* day since I arrived on tuesday of last week.... including twelve hours on saturday followed by a twenty four hour shift on sunday followed by all monday evening until two thirty am followed by all day tuesday starting at six thirty am followed by an inconceivable wednesday from five to nine (that's five am until nine pm, all of which was spent outside in below freezing temperatures). Today was by far the shortest work day... it began at six thirty am and ended with my clandestine escape shortly before five.

all this in the haste of preparation for war, i am considered a key leader in my unit yet i have no idea what is going on. reassuring, hardly. but don't lose faith in our warfighters yet, our army is supposed to be able to operate without its leaders. though i am present, i am only a leader in title. no, that's not discourageness or hoplessment you smell, i just realize that it's too early for me to frantically seize the reins of my well-oiled unit.

last time i tried that it scared her away

for now, i observe. we'll see how long it takes for me to get comfortable.
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