Steve (skippythec) wrote,

in which i get a parking ticket

i would be asleep already if i didn't know that my phone will ring at least five more times tonight. not that i'm special, it's just that i have to be up at 2:45 tomorrow morning and that's how things go.

i forgot to tell my class to each bring a quarter tomorrow to clean their weapons. you see, tomorrow is Lucky Dip, and if I have anything to say about it, their weapons (indeed their whole selves) will be covered in mud by noon. last time i used five of my own dollars to operate the spray hoses at the car wash across the street and thus cleaned their weapons en masse. after we had to go back and spend five more dollars the next day to clean them all again (somehow muddy rifles don't look as dirty when they are wet) i decided it's time to try something more cooperative. the only problem is i forgot to tell them like i promised myself i would.

i also promised myself not to do anything stupid today, but then i ended up parking illegally behind the guy who was parked in my RESERVED parking spot. usually when someone parks in my spot, i go park elsewhere and walk farther. today i was on a tight schedule, and i was getting back from another obligation just in time to attend my buddy's award ceremony. which, by the way, meant that all the parking nearby would be taken since it was a fairly big ceremony. so rather than go through the trouble, i took the advice of many of my co-workers, which was: "shit, if someone parks in my spot, i just park right behind 'em!" so i did. and when i came out thirty minutes later, there were two MPs in two squad cars writing me a ticket. unbelieveable! they sympathized with me, truly, but they had no choice because a lieutenant colonel had called about some reckless hooligan obstructing traffic in a busy parking lot, and he wanted to see results! well here, take off my hand! and my fucking driving foot, and the fingers i use to flip the turn signal! but after hearing my story, they also wrote a ticket to the guy in my spot. consoled? not so much.

i did teach my first class today, which was fun. it was on Risk Management, a very basic topic. the class was rigidly attentive, very responsive, and they participated when prodded. couldn't ask for anything more. i also managed to put the 400 pound civilian girl to sleep.

wow, in the time it has taken me to write this, my phone has rung not once. maybe i should try to sneak in some sleep.
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