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listen to this crap

Ok, ya know how my unit is supposed to leave on 26 February? Well, about five months ago, one of my soldiers allegedly raped another soldier. It was a horrible event, to be sure, but apparently it was not the first time these two soldiers had been intimate. I'm really not sure if he's guilty or not, but that doesn't matter.

I was interviewed as a witness during his Article 32 hearing (to see if his case has enough evidence to go to trial) and now I may be called as a witness in his court martial. His court martial is scheduled for March 6th and 7th. That means if I am named as a witness, I will be here a bit longer than anticipated. There's also a chance that, even if I get called as a witness, the court martial may be postponed and I will still go home on time... only to be flown back to Kuwait for the trial. Ugh.

I am hoping with all my might that I don't get selected as a witness. The problem is, the witness list for the defense won't be released until 24 Feb., two days before my flight.
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