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what does it mean?!>? WAht does it all MEAN!??

I had this vivid dream the other day... and since you're always trying to get me to post here, Brian, well, here ya go.

Brian Larsen and I and someone else, I think it was Jesus, (hey-zeus... not the Christ) went on an adventure. We ended up staying in this weird hotel in a city that I can’t remember anything about, but on one of our adventures we went to this rural Asian village. There was a shop there whose patrons were eager to sell stuff to tourists, but I don’t think this place got many tourists. Everything in there was dirty and very weird, but I was fascinated. One of the shopkeepers had a pet… what was it? A ferret? No, what are those monkeys in Madagascar called? Lemurs! Yes, they had these lemurs with really long tube-like bodies, and they could stand up straight and tall, like 2 or three feet tall, on their hind legs. This one was especially talented and could make hand motions and noises like he was begging for a handout. And he was sooo cute I wanted to give him something, but I had nothing to give him. And he could even talk like a parrot with a cute little chipmunk voice. Well anyway, I had no intention of buying anything but they kept haggling with me. At one point, everyone went back to the car (I guess we drove to this remote Asian village, from the hotel in the city) because everything in the store was gross and I was still inside for a while. I eventually relented and bought a Lemur and something else… something perishable or maybe something else alive. They put the lemur in a clear plastic bag and tied the top, like you would to a goldfish, but I don’t think there was any water in the bag. So I went back out to the car and showed you guys what I bought. Now we were in a parking lot and it was nighttime and these three sexy women come over to our car and start flirting and something about going somewhere, maybe to a party? They are very playful and I think they are trying to pick us up! They go back to their car, and I am very excited about the prospects for further adventure. Brian wants to go back and join the women and I’m all for it when I notice that the Lemur has died in the bag. What the heck? Why would they put the Lemur in a bag like that? And the other thing I bought was also ruined. So I’m torn… on one hand I want to go and party but I have this dead Lemur in a bag. I think I went back in to take care of the Lemur because I don’t remember any fun adventure after that. I think I ruined the fun for the day. Oh well.
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