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Here are the bravest men of my platoon, the guncrew. They manned the two guntrucks that kept the rest of the soldiers safe, Viper and Wolfpack. They volunteered to put themselves at greater risk to protect 2nd platoon's convoys on mission after mission after mission. Even after being shot at, ambushed, almost blown up and nearly run over on several different occasions, they never backed down. Each one of them knew that they could step down and be replaced if they ever felt the need. Throughout 12 1/2 months of dangerous missions, not one of the original nine stepped down.

For the past year, these soldiers have been more than members of my platoon. They have been my brothers. Every time I went on the road, they were there to watch my back. We faced the dangers of the road together every day. Every time we saddled up for a mission we rolled the dice, knowing that today might be the day our best wasn't good enough. But we made it.

These are the few who courageously did a job that not many were willing to take on. It is because of these men that everyone in 2nd platoon came home.
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